Mökki: bringing circularity to the heart of the office – Interview Tamara Brisk

5 July 2021

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hello energy in Top 100 PropTechMap Europe

11 October 2021

PropTechMap Europe 2021: Top 100 presents the most innovative technology companies changing the real estate landscape. It is presented by BUILTWORLD in cooperation with Pwc. hello energy is proud to be featured in the top #20 in the category ‘Building Operations.’

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Learning never stops for developers – Interview Medhavini

29 July 2021

At hello energy, our product’s success relies on the skills of software developers. Not only does it require technical skills, but it also involves collaboration. Medhavini speaks many programming languages, is a true team player and problem-solver.

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Building better neighbourhoods with Commonplace – Interview Mike Saunders

28 June 2021

Public participation plays an important role in the effort to achieve net-zero carbon. For interventions to be effective, it is crucial that people are aware of them, and to have the full support of the community. Commonplace is a platform that helps identify what’s important to communities, helping to integrate feedback into planning decisions. hello energy spoke with their CEO, Mike Saunders, about the value of this community engagement tool.

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8 barriers to sustainability in real estate and how to remove them

2 June 2021

What are the enablers and the barriers to the successful implementation of sustainability projects? We’ve identified 8 key challenges to overcome if you want to get your buildings to net-zero by 2050.

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White paper: the Art of Alignment

17 May 2021

Whether you’re a sustainability manager, asset manager, portfolio manager or a building’s tenant, it’s safe to say you are aware of the Paris Agreement and the global zero-emissions goals for 2050. You probably also know that real estate is responsible for at least 40% of the world’s carbon footprint. How are you ensuring you can meet your goals in time? This white paper will address how you can turn your real estate stakeholders, such as your building owner and tenants, into sustainability ambassadors.

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Cycling 10 times more efficient than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities

7 April 2021

A recent study published on journalism platform the Conversation, shows that active travel such as cycling can contribute to tackling the climate emergency earlier than electric vehicles while also providing affordable, reliable, clean, healthy, and congestion-busting transportation.

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Proptech ecosystems: symbiosis or confusing labyrinth?

17 February 2021

Proptech, using tech to improve real estate, is quickly accelerating as a means to empower and enable your operations and sustainability. Do you need to innovate in the proptech space? And if so, when should you start? Can you effortlessly combine various innovations? Who are the best parties involved to give advice on this? We spoke to proptech experts Wouter Truffino (Holland ConTech & PropTech), Gregory Dewerpe (Founder A/O Proptech) and Adam Schuit (Investor at A/O Proptech) to discuss best practices and answer all your questions.

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Scoring points on GRESB with stakeholder engagement

19 November 2020

If real estate owners were to engage their tenants with their sustainability goals, their buildings would thrive. Engaged tenants lead to energy savings, a higher GRESB score, a better relationship between owner and occupier, and a joint effort to become Paris Proof. Stakeholder engagement in general is a big opportunity. But where do you start?

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Who’ll take the first steps towards increased sustainability?

28 September 2020

The energy demands of real estate will need to be reduced by 70% over the next 30 years if we are to comply with the Paris climate agreement. (Source: Dutch Green Building Council) This sustainability increase will by no means be easy to achieve, however. One of the underlying roadblocks is the vicious circle of blame in which building owners, tenants, consultants, and developers transfer the responsibility for taking initial steps to each other. Thankfully, more and more of the parties involved are looking to break the cycle so how can that be done?

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Sustainability Now!

10 August 2020

Now is the time for sustainability. We have learned hard-won lessons from Covid-19, and are ready to improve our environment, save the planet, and create sustainable spaces. Making sustainability part of our ‘new normal’, everywhere.

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hello energy raises 1 million euros in investment round for even more sustainable impact!

27 February 2020

hello energy, the tool for energy and sustainability management for large real estate companies, has raised one million euros in an investment round. This pre-series A round was led by Enfuro Ventures and supported by a number of investors from the Netherlands and the UK.

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Proptech start-up hello energy and listed office investor NSI launch strategic partnership to stimulate sustainability and innovation

18 December 2019

Start-up hello energy and listed office investor NSI have announced a new strategic partnership. The goal is to provide greater insight into the energy consumption and sustainability policy of NSI, establish benchmarks and communicate the resulting data to stakeholders.

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Reference: City of Rotterdam

5 June 2019

This social work company of the municipality of Rotterdam is super sustainable. hello energy helps it share its energy consumption and solar panel efficiency while also displaying personalised sustainability tips, public transport data and eco-friendly information about the building. Managers can see the details online, while visitors can view them in the lobby. This makes it clear just how sustainable Robedrijf is in reality.

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Reference: RoyalHaskoningDHV

5 May 2019

Royal Haskoning showcases innovations for offices in the Living Lab, where hello energy has set up an enormous smart wall and a touchscreen for visualisations and interactions. The installation features animations about the sustainable character of the building, detailed energy information, indoor climate results and occupancy rate data. Visitors can use the touchscreen to search for background information about the Living Lab.

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Reference: Spaces

5 April 2019

Spaces aims to be smart about energy, and that requires having all relevant information to hand. hello energy helps by generating visualisations of the energy consumption at all Spaces locations in the Netherlands. One of the buildings that uses energy efficiently is the monumental Red Elephant in The Hague.

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hello energy and Prologis visualize sustainability

6 September 2017

Early 2017 saw Prologis, a global investor and developer of sustainable logistic storage and distribution centers, equip its first buildings with hello energy: software for communicating and visualizing energy consumption and sustainability.

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From Neurolinguistics to Customer Success – interview Francesco

18 August 2021

Our latest addition to the team is Francesco Ciavolino, he’s joined as a Customer Success Manager and brings along a very unique background.

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hello energy featured in KPMG Real Estate overview 2021

7 July 2021

The 6th annual edition of KPMG’s Real Estate Innovations Overview has just been released. It features hello energy as one of the platforms that improve the connectivity between stakeholders.

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Customer success – smooth onboarding & continuous feedback – Interview Myrte

23 June 2021

The work of our customer success department is a balancing act between ensuring our users experience a smooth software onboarding, while continuously digging deeper to find out current and future needs. Myrte has got both the analytical skills as well as the empathetic ear to help customers in getting the most value out of hello energy.

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Property management software can create more sustainable buildings

25 May 2021

There’s a growing interest in green building certifications and making buildings more sustainable. A study by PwC shows that automation and smart software could help property managers and real estate investment funds Paris-proof their building portfolio.


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Data science at hello energy: “more actionable insights” – Interview with Sameer

5 May 2021

As a software solution that helps connect and engage real estate owners in sustainability, we’re constantly evolving our features so that our customers can create energy-positive buildings. Sameer Chourasia is a data scientist at hello energy who is committed to improving our features with his sharp analytical skills.

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We’re moving to the cloud

29 March 2021

hello energy is scaling up rapidly. Serving over customers worldwide and continuously increasing the features of our products, requires that we keep on our toes and prepare for future capabilities. That’s why we’ve been working on scaling up our development process, as well as moving our infrastructure to the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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How to engage a team in the climate race

9 February 2021

Read CEO Benno Schwarz’ thoughts on the need for engagement in 2021.

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Data coverage & stakeholder engagement – a perfect marriage

12 November 2020

To run a sustainable portfolio and get all the energy reduction benefits, you will need to combine good data coverage and quality stakeholder engagement. Not combining those is a waste of investment money.

For this whitepaper, we interviewed experts Sarah Ratcliffe (Better Buildings Partnership) and Luc van de Boom (Cooltree) about their views on data coverage and stakeholder engagement.

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How to break the circle of blame

28 September 2020

Read more about how the concept of the circle of blame is holding back the real estate sector and which alternatives are being developed. Leveraging on input from experts from the real estate industry, we examine these new perspectives and how these can be translated into a shared interest for all parties in the sector.

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Making the new normal a success with hello energy

25 June 2020

The latest content update issued by hello energy will help ease the transition back to work, hotels and schools as we emerge from lockdown. Our informative and upbeat content will ensure everyone on your premises knows how to safely and efficiently use the available spaces.

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Sustainability as a service

27 January 2020

Dennis van der Stoop is Head of Technical Management at listed commercial property investor NSI. He and his team work on issues such as increasing sustainability by improving installations and adapting the building envelope.

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Avignon Capital says hello to new energy management system

10 December 2019

Avignon Capital, the European property investment and asset management firm, has invested into energy efficiency by installing hello energy at its Danzigerkade building located in Amsterdam.

Read Avignon's press release

Health comes first in Aan de Rijn

4 June 2019

Recent years have witnessed an increased focus on the health aspects of buildings. Especially those used for working have been improved, such as offices and distribution centres. Now the time has come to do the same for the health of residential buildings and Dutch rental agency Vesteda is leading the way: its Aan de Rijn apartment complex will be the first WELL-certified occupied residential building in the world.

Would you like to know more about Vesteda’s Aan de Rijn? Or about WELL? Please e-mail us at hello@hello-energy.com so we can tell you all about it.

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Reference: Syntrus Achmea

29 April 2019

Walk into the Syntrus Achmea lobby and the first thing you see is a screen with a wide range of useful information, including the yield of the solar panels, bus departure times and even details of Friday’s social event. Together we have developed dashboard screens for buildings such as Willemspoort. The experience of residents and visitors to the building is instantly enhanced!

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hello energy, GRESB and tenant engagement…

10 February 2019

Almost everyone in real estate is either considering investing in energy efficiency or actively doing it. An alarming few, however, succeed in communicating their efforts and achievements to their stakeholders: tenants, visitors, and the public at large. We at hello energy have what you need to really ‘do good and tell about it’.

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