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Arch Nexus SAC | Sacramento, USA

Conceived at the peak of a severe drought in California, this building has inspired water reuse policy and regulation across the statešŸš°

Arch Nexus SAC, located on the Historic R Street in Sacramento, was originally a print shop and warehouse reimagined in 2015 to becomeĀ Architectural Nexus‘s first Sacramento office. The 8,252 square foot building is one of the world’s most sustainably designed properties, having earned a LEED Double Platinum certification, the title of the first certified Living Building in California, as well as the first Living Certified reuse project in the world šŸ†

What does Arch Nexus SAC offer to combat climate change?

šŸ’§ Waterless urinals, composting toilets, and low-flow fixtures help minimise water usage. It also harvests and stores rainwater via rooftop capture, which is then treated onsite and used throughout the building and to water the living wall. The building is equipped to provide 100% of all water from rainwater, making it a net-positive water project.

ā˜€ļø Arch Nexus SAC also has net-positive energy status via daylight harvesting devices that convert sunlight into soft indirect daylight indoors. It also features a highly efficient LED lighting system, an air-cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC system and an optimised building envelope, while rooftop photovoltaic solar panels and connected parking canopy generate 70% more energy than what is consumed. The surplus energy is sent to the grid for other buildings in Sacramento.


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