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Bloomberg building | London, UK

With buildings like this, the UK is forcing the rest of the real estate world to up its game.

The Bloomberg building in London showcases what real constructive creativity in the built environment looks like. As founder Mike Bloomberg said himself, “This building is designed to encourage cooperation and collaboration, and that’s what makes for a successful business.”

Bloomberg London occupies 3.2 acres, providing roughly 1.1 million square feet of office and retail space. It houses 3 public plazas, a dining arcade and a cultural area returning the archaeological remains of the Roman Temple of Mithras to the location of their discovery, bringing the site’s history to life 🌟

Not only does Bloomberg London serve as a commercial, historical and cultural space, it’s also helping to fight climate change, too. Check out these features that helped it achieve BREEAM Outstanding (98.5%):

💡 Integrated ceiling panels in an innovative petal-leaf design, incorporating 500,000 LED lights and using up to 40% less energy than the conventional fluorescent office lighting system.

🌬️ Bronze blades that can open and close, allowing the building to (literally) “breathe” and provide natural ventilation to occupants; as well as smart CO2 sensing controls that distribute air according to the number of occupants in each zone of the building at any point in time.

🔥 On-site Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation centre supplying heat and power in a single, efficient system, with waste heat generated being recycled for cooling and heating, and saving between 500-750 metric tonnes of CO2 annually.

💧 Water is gathered from the roof, cooling tower, sinks and showers, then treated and recycled for use in the vacuum flush toilets – saving up to 73% of water compared to a standard office building!

Hats off to the #heroes!

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