The cool new features we brought to you in 2022 (and what’s in store for 2023)

hello energy year in review 2022 to 2023

2022… For some it may have been the year in which covid restrictions ended. The year of inflation. COP27. King Charles (and maybe also of Harry and Meghan). Heat. And cold. For us too. But for us, 2022 was also the year of exciting new developments.

We’ll do a short retrospective of the changes we made to our product in 2022 and look ahead to what you can expect from us in 2023.

Community: the coolest feature we’ve ever introduced

For years, hello energy has been providing building owners, property managers, tenants and building users with insights into their energy use. The community feature lets you turn those insights into action.

When you login to your hello energy account, you’ll immediately see this new feature.

All building users can share knowledge, discuss ideas on making the building more sustainable and talk about the progress that’s been made. And we’ll do the same.

Because the community is not only a space for dialogue. It’s also a space for being inspired. We, hello energy, share the great wealth of knowledge on sustainability and green buildings that we’ve gathered throughout the years via the community.

Challenges: the coolest feature we’ll ever introduce

The number one spot on the ‘ranking of coolest hello energy features ever’ will soon be overtaken by sustainability challenges.

With these challenges your entire building community can now engage in sustainability. Together with all other hello energy users. The goal? Understand your own impact. Learn how to decrease it. Get inspired. Collaborate. Motivate each other. Have fun. One challenge, each month.

This challenge is a central part of the community. Here, participants share ideas and learnings, and engage in discussion. Of course, hello energy shares regular updates, inspiring tips, in-depth knowledge, and fun facts too.

We’re starting our pilot in April. A large group of buildings and their members are participating. But it’s not too late to join. 

New year, new me! Our member’s area got a facelift

You may have noticed this already: the new look of our platform. Fresh, crisp, recognisable. Very hello energy. The design comes from the brilliant hands of our Product Designer Jarmal, led by the brilliant mind of our Product Manager Corné. Topped off with a sprinkle of magic by our illustrator Nina.

We continue the process in 2023. Step by step, the entire platform will take its new shape. I mean, Rome wasn’t built in a day either, right?

I think it’s nice – when writing on hello energy – to make it personal. So that clients feel there are real, hard-working (and fun) people behind the product. That builds a relationship.

Our new (onboarding) wizard is shinier than Gandalf the White

We would’ve argued that no wizard shines as bright as Gandalf the White. Until our new onboarding wizard was released.

It allows you to personalise your account step by step. Choose your level of sustainability knowledge, so we can tailor our content to this in the future. And upload a photo or choose an avatar, so your building community members know who you are.

hello energy onboarding wizard

That’s it for now. But you know that we’re constantly moving. So look out for our periodic release notes, in which we introduce updates and new features to you.

Cheers to 2023!

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