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Evolv1 | Ontario, Canada

Sustainable real estate is always pushing new limits. This building in Canada not only produces more energy than it consumes, it also inspires and educates the public about principles of sustainable design! 🌱

Completed in 2018, evolve1 is a three-storey, 104,000 sq.ft. commercial multi-tenant office building located in Ontario, Canada. It’s the first office property to receive the Zero Carbon Building- Design Certification from the Canada Green Building Council – CaGBC, as well as achieving Platinum certification under the LEED Canada for Core and Shell Development 2009 rating system 🏆

Evolv1 is a shining example of what happens when stakeholders from around the industry come together to make a positive change. What does that look like in practice?

🔥 High-performance building envelope and open-loop geothermal system using a 160-metre-deep aquifer for heating and cooling

🪟 Triple pane glazing and a solar wall for preheated ventilation

☀️ Canadian-made solar panels producing 700kW of electricity for the grid and a three-storey green wall helping to improve indoor air quality

Thank you to the #buildingheroes!

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