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Henrietta House | London, UK

Henrietta House in London UK

Yet another UK building is pushing the frontier of ecological transformation in real estate, placing people and sustainability at its heart. 💚

Located in London’s West End, the new headquarters of CBRE UK was born out of the property architect’s vision to revolutionise the existing space into a workplace of the future. First built in the 1990s, Henrietta House had been in use by the company for over a decade, but was no longer meeting their changing demands and growing workforce. Therefore, the project became a transformational, ambitious effort to reimagine the site into a world-class space for CBRE.

Henrietta House has been awarded BREEAM Excellent rating for the implementation of innovative architectural solutions and refurbishments done to the site, achieved with the collaboration and support of stakeholders such as landlord Lazari and architect MoreySmith. The BREEAM assessment process also made the most of synergies with the WELL Building Standard strategies in order to provide an integrated approach towards environmental and social sustainability.

Thanks to achievements like the use of sustainably sourced timber during construction, the use of 100% LED lighting along with solar panels to provide a renewable energy source, Henrietta House is an exemplar of how design-led refurbishment is capable of producing future-proof, exceptional workspaces – by using what exists to create something beautifully new.

“Henrietta House refurbishment and extension is a stellar example of aligning BREEAM and WELL strategies to future proof and create a valuable asset for both the client and occupants. Despite the planning condition requiring only BREEAM ‘V. Good’ rating; we were able to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating – driven by CBRE’s ESG commitments and a sustainability focused project team.” Kokil Gupta, Associate at Troup Bywaters + Anders

A fantastic effort by these and other #buildingheroes involved!

MoreySmith Giulia Mori BREEAM Official Faithdean PLC Harry Casillas andrew mccann Mike Sirivianos Matthew Tozzi Dani Salamon Robert Percy Henry Philippou The Morton Partnership Ltd Ciaran Bird

📸: Nick Hufton / Philip Durrant / Fiona Smallshaw

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