How to engage tenants on sustainability: a sneak peak

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Success as a real estate owner in today’s industry is contingent upon your ability to meet – and even better, exceed – tough sustainability requirements and ambitions. As we all know, the environmental crisis demands that all members of society, at every level, make an effort and contribute in some way. This is very much the case in properties like offices, apartment complexes and warehouses – all stakeholders, especially tenants (who use the buildings on a daily basis), have to work together to go green. 

In this blog we highlight a few of some of the key takeaways from our latest whitepaper, The Tenant Sustainability Playbook: Facilitating dialogue for a net-zero property. From overlooked benefits to concrete engagement strategies, we showcase in detail why you absolutely should make tenant engagement a key component of your ESG agenda in order to reach your net-zero carbon goals.

1. The benefits go far beyond a green building. It’s not just the technical performance of your building that will get a major boost (such as water and energy savings). You will improve your relationship and build trust with your tenants, strengthen your brand, score on certifications like GRESB, gain deeper organisational knowledge and provide clients a positive experience that will keep them there longer.

2. The possibilities are endless. There are so many unique ways of engaging your tenants with sustainability. This can come in the form of tenant surveys, online events, scorecards, green leasing, and much more. As every tenant has their own requirements and demands, it is important to tailor your engagement approach according to their specific profile. 

3. Communication is critical. Transparent dialogue from both parties is crucial for a successful collaboration towards net-zero carbon. Frequent and structured communication helps you keep in touch with what is happening in your property, respond in a timely way to your tenant’s needs and allocate your investments more strategically. 

Engagement should ultimately be fun for you, your tenants and all building users involved in the process. To explore the many engagement benefits, methods and other special insights even further, download our whitepaper here!

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