Release notes

Improved login, onboarding, QR code and more!

Release notes April

After the big release of our challenges feature, April has been about smaller changes that focus on improving the user experience of our product. After all, love is in the details.

So, what did we do?  

Improved login and onboarding 

We launched a new login page and changed our user onboarding flow to make for an even smoother experience. The login page now supports self-registering too. If you want to sign-up for challenges or learn more about sustainability in your building, now you just have to register to start your sustainable journey. 

QR, QR and -you guessed right- QR 

Did we mention before that we are creating QR’s so that everyone in the building is able to quickly join or use hello energy? Well, we are now taking it to the next level. We redesigned our QR system to be more flexible. This means soon you will be able to use the same QR code to learn more about the building, participate in a sustainability challenge or arrange a carpool ride with others in the building.  

Wait… did you say carpool?

Yes, but we are not telling you everything just yet 😉 Keep an eye out for updates on our website or LinkedIn. Soon you might be able to save even more CO2 by carpooling with others in your building.  

Last but not least 

  • Updates profile settings: The new profile settings page now supports setting up 2FA again. 
  • New highlighted challenge: We updated the design of the highlighted challenge card to optimise for readability and making it look even more awesome. 
  • Consumption and generation graphs: Improved readability by adding new labels. 
  • Fixed: Several language translation issues.  

So, when can you expect these goodies? The update will be available for everyone at the beginning of May. Have fun!

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