Leading by example, our colleague Lutger and his sustainable efforts

To what extent do hello energy colleagues live sustainably? We asked some of our colleagues what specific sustainable measures they are taking in their lives, and we chose the best ones for you.

In our first interview, we are proud to introduce you to Lutger, one of our Software Development superstars. He’s 43 years old and lives in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. Lutger started working at hello energy half a year ago and he immediately impressed.

Most of the people in our office have an affinity with sustainability, but you could say that Lutger is the prime example of ‘practice what you preach’. He is very motivated about reducing his ecological footprint and he has set a high bar for all of us.

In this interview, we talk about how small actions can have big results.

Why is sustainability important to you?

L: I think that for humanity to survive, we need to live in a sustainable way. I want the generations after me to have a pleasant life. I have a 1,5-year-old son. Obviously, his birth has only strengthened this feeling.

That’s also why I chose to work at hello energy. I try to live according to my values as much as possible. A company that focuses on sustainability is a perfect fit.

Lutger and his family
Lutger and his family

What sustainable choices do you make in your life?

L: For me, there are three choices that make a great impact:

  1. Choose a sustainable bank that invests in green projects
  2. Go vegan
  3. Stop flying

I did all three of these. Along with 200 other households, I also finance a local farmer. The farmer does not financially depend on the harvest, because the risk is spread over all households. In return, we get a lot of produce, so we are both owners and consumers.

The farm uses “nature-inclusive agriculture”: growing food in a way that looks to benefit seven generations ahead. This way of farming aims to make the soil more fertile, not depleted. It also leaves plenty of room for nature and diversity in crops. The chickens move around freely and automatically fertilize the soil. 

“Climate change is something huge and overwhelming and people can feel a sense of helplessness. But every little step matters.”

Lutger with his son
Lutger and his son harvesting

How do you inspire others?

L: I don’t do this consciously, but it happens automatically because of my own enthusiasm. Climate change is something huge and overwhelming and people can feel a sense of helplessness. But every little step matters. I realized this for myself when I read the statistics about the effects of the rising sea level for the first time. Doing nothing is not an option. So whether my actions have a small or a big impact, I have made a commitment to the world and the climate and live by my values as best I can. By doing so, I hope to inspire others.

At hello energy we are constantly looking for new ways to inspire people to take sustainable action. We hope that Lutger’s story was as inspiring to you as it was to us!

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