Sustainability on Screens: Engaging Building Stakeholders for Greener Properties 

Building owners and tenants alike are seeking innovative solutions to reach their ESG goals, with utility data and sustainability insights playing an increasingly crucial role in this process. Stakeholders who make use of these kinds of resources are positioning themselves as industry leaders in a market hungry for green buildings. But, there’s a problem – not everyone is equipped with the technical knowledge (or the access!) to understand raw data and translate it into daily impact. Realising this, hello energy offers property owners and tenants a solution: creative and user-friendly sustainability-related content on screens and other devices around buildings. In this blog, we demonstrate how displaying sustainability data on screens to building users has become a game-changer for inspiring everyone in and around a building to be a part of the net-zero journey and create real impact.


Building Stakeholder Engagement

Successful sustainability initiatives depend on stakeholders working together. When stakeholders aren’t walking the same walk in the quest for a green building, the results are likely to be not-so admirable. Building owners, property managers, tenants and even visitors play a major role in reducing a building’s environmental footprint, especially at the behavioural level. Sustainability content displayed on screens bridges the information gap and makes it accessible to all. Whether it’s energy-saving tips, real-time data, news about sustainability milestones or behavioural challenges, this kind of content educates, informs and motivates building users to become active participants in the sustainability journey. In this way, people using the building every day can become activated to manage their space in a more responsible manner.  


Understanding Sustainability Data

Environmental data of buildings can be very technical for the typical building user. While showcasing the data is a first step forward, presenting individuals with complex data sets won’t get you too far in involving people to join your mission. Instead, by presenting sustainability in a fun, digestible, relatable and readable way, people using a building are much more likely to become invested in the performance of the property and partake in initiatives to improve it. As circularity consultancy Metabolic writes: 


“Visual representations of data are easier to understand and remember than columns and rows of information packed into a spreadsheet: reading numbers simply doesn’t give you the full picture … With an effective graphic, you don’t need to be a data analyst in order to understand complex data.”


Sustainability content helps to provide users with a clear understanding of a building’s utility data. By visualising energy, water, gas, and carbon consumption, occupants gain insights into their environmental impact. (With hello energy, this can be displayed even down to 15-minute intervals!) This transparency not only encourages responsible resource use but also helps in making informed choices. Stakeholders can identify areas where energy and water conservation measures can be implemented, leading to reduced operational consumption and, subsequently, cost savings.


Fostering a Greener Building & Community

Sustainability displays on screens is a visual method for reducing operational carbon emissions and overall resource use that all forward-thinking building owners ought to consider adding to their ESG toolbox. It nudges building users to become more environmentally conscious, adopting simple but effective practices that reduce waste and energy consumption. Collectively, these small but impactful changes contribute to a significant reduction in a building’s carbon footprint. By encouraging sustainable behaviours and practices, sustainability content on screens actively supports environmental efforts and can foster a greener, healthier building and a cohesive community within it.


Learn more about how hello energy is enhancing sustainability engagement in real estate. Contact us below to explore the full range of benefits we offer for investors, building owners, property managers, tenants and visitors.

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