Understanding your energy use could save you hundreds

Remember those days when it felt like energy was free? No? Neither do we. The new reality – for businesses and households alike – is that every energy-related decision you make, can be directly felt in your bank account. Yes, it hurts. But it’s also an amazing opportunity to become more mindful of your energy use, and to get a better understanding of how your behavior influences your bill.

Why it is important to get a better understanding of your energy use

End of August, the gas price in the Netherlands was 17 times higher than in August of last year. Besides that, we’re also trying to save the climate. Just two reasons why saving energy has become top of mind for many of us. If we want to reduce our energy use, then becoming aware of how we use it, is key.

Understanding energy use at home

At home, understanding (and subsequently changing) our energy use is relatively easy. If you pick up baking cakes as a hobby, for example, you may notice this directly in your energy bill. Or if you started Wim Hof-ing in the morning instead of taking a hot shower, you will also see your bill drop.

Nowadays, many energy suppliers offer an app in which you can track your daily energy use and even compare it with last year’s use. Looking at your usage graphs at least once a week, will tell you a lot about the effect of your behavior on your bill. Take special notice of your gas use, because gas probably makes up 80% of your energy bill.

Understanding energy use at work

At work, you’re likely not the one paying (or even seeing) the bill. So, unravelling the relationship between your behavior and your energy use is a bit more difficult. And influencing it can be even more difficult, as you are not the one deciding the room temperature for example.

That doesn’t mean saving the climate and saving money (for your employer) is less important. Luckily, there is still a lot you can do to reduce your energy use, also at work.

hello energy to the rescue

So that’s why we’re here to help! We will spend the next weeks enlightening you with energy-related knowledge and inspiring you with thirty energy-saving tips.

Do you want to get your hands dirty and collaborate with the people in your building to #beatthebill? Join our sustainability challenges!

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