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How is your company handling sustainability? Is sustainability the task of the sustainability manager or do you have an ESG department in place? What about the rest of your colleagues and your stakeholders? 

At hello energy we believe in creating energy positive buildings. And we believe we can only get there when everyone is involved. One person or even a dedicated apartment is a great start, but your sustainability efforts will gain much more momentum when everyone is involved.

A brand new home

In our previous release notes we introduced the hello community.  An open community that will evolve around the conversation regarding sustainability. Since this got a lot of positive attention, we decided to make it a more central part of our product.   

This release will contain an upgraded version of the community. In the previous version, building users could scan a QR code and get inspired by tips and stories. They could even submit their own tips to the platform. In this version we will take this to the next level.  

The design has been altered slightly to support both desktop and mobile views. Furthermore, we introduce more interactivity on the page. Users can now like, share and comment on existing content or create their own content. This opens up the conversation around sustainability so that everyone can participate. 

Why is that important? Because there is a win-win. Landlords can show what they already did and what their ambitions for their building(s) are. But they can only get so far on their own. According to BBP, as much as 70% of building emissions are attributable to occupiers’ activities.

“With as much as 70% of a buildings’ emissions attributable to occupiers’ activities, the commitment of property owners to tackle climate change cannot be delivered without closer collaboration with property occupiers”. 

So how about the tenant? There is a lot of research showing that stakeholders want companies to get involved in sustainability. But people also want to be enabled themselves. According to a Cone Communications study, 74% of employees find their job more fulfilling when they are given the chance to make a positive impact on social issues and the environment. 

What’s next? 

This version of the community will be released to all hello energy customers in a few weeks. It will also become a central part of our product as it will be in the center of the homepage of our online dashboard.  

In the upcoming weeks we will also be working on a few more features for the community. What would you like to see in our new community? Tell us by voting for a  feature!  

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