How to Survive the Energy Crisis with Proper Data Management

How to Survive the Energy Crisis with Proper Data Management

Another day, another crisis – and another solution to get us back on our feet. The high energy prices resulting from geopolitics across the globe have clearly rocked the real estate industry, with owners and tenants alike digging in (to their pockets) for the winter. With COP27 centering discussions around climate change, the intersection of these various issues makes the rewards of managing energy ever more apparent. In this blog, we outline how implementing the right data infrastructure can keep you and your clients afloat (and save big in the process!).

1. Building long-term resiliency

Different assets respond differently to energy shocks. As this study from Colliers shows, the industrial, hospitality and retail sectors have been hit the hardest by the crisis, while offices have remained relatively unscathed; in fact, “for some sectors, the entire operating profit will be absorbed by energy costs”. No matter what kind of property you own or manage, it is clear that having smart metering systems that track energy consumption at a granular level will allow you and your tenants to lower usage to the most efficient level possible. The best part? This is a long-term win that will save you money not just now, but down the line – fulfilling your risk management strategy.

2. Win-Win at All Levels

It’s not just about getting through the current predicament; climate change will bring about a variety of new challenges in the long-term, and you simply don’t want to fall behind. From improving indoor air quality for daily users, energy and cost savings for owners and tenants, as well as higher ROI for investors, there are many benefits to getting connected with sustainability and health data. In tackling the short-term, you can set yourself up from sustained success with certifications like BREEAM, WELL and GRESB by actively monitoring your energy, water and other utilities.

3. Work Together to Survive!

Crisis management – much like energy management – is a team effort. Involving your stakeholders and making them feel like they are part of the project will go a long way not just for your brand, but for the tangible performance of your buildings. At hello energy we offer services to help you connect metering systems in your property and display data to all building users on screens and on our platform, as well as to asset and property managers. From switching the lights off in a room to using the data to make power-saving investment decisions, everyone has a role to play in making an impact. 

Ready to get through the tough times? We’re here to show you the way. Book a free 15 minute demo to learn how our software can propel you through the crisis and into the (green) future!

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