Want hello energy’s SaaS solution to work optimally? We also offer services with the aim to completely unburden you. Our services include data services, indoor climate services and screen services. Below we explain what these services can provide.

Data services

Leading in covering EU utilities

To unlock the power of data, you need to be able to access it. Lots of real estate companies struggle with smart metering. hello energy has built a network of data providers throughout Europe, to help you get near real-time data from utilities. Get the data you need for data coverage & certification purposes and start monitoring possible savings & benchmarking.

Data journey

We disclose data by making data connections with metering companies & grid providers, placement of smart meters & data loggers, or web scraping.

Data collection




Indoor climate services

Meet WELL criteria and provide your team the best indoor climate

Creating healthy buildings and optimal indoor climate is becoming more and more a differentiating approach in real estate. hello energy offers a complete package of indoor climate sensors, installation or installation manual, and dashboard & playlists with insight and communication on all health & well-being items to be ahead and meet certification criteria.

Screen services

Showcase your achievements throughout EU

Want to showcase your sustainability achievements? hello energy can provide a turnkey solution for narrowcasting your story, by delivering complete packages of screens, media players, installation, content management system, monitoring, guarantee and maintenance. We cover Europe with our services this and can provide all kind (touch) screens.

Let's create energy-positive
buildings together

The 5 benefits of hello energy

hello energy is currently available in more than 13 countries and 600 buildings. This is how we create value:

Engage your audience with actionable insights
Improve your investor value & tenant experience
Earn credits for multiple green building certifications
Boost your building’s performance
Unlock the power of data

3 simple steps

In just 3 steps, you can get hello energy to work for your challenge.

Get hello energy now​

hello energy helps you unlock the power of data and create real impact with our user-friendly solution, beautiful design, and the coolest content.

Pricing for data services depends on your country and utility type. Some data connections are part of our product, without additional costs. We always offer a fixed-price approach.

Our clients

Transforming to a more service-oriented offering, hello energy helps NSI to connect with tenants by focusing on sustainability.
Connecting to each of its many smart meters, Patrizia has improved its GRESB score by communicating its energy achievements to its tenants.
Sustainability is one of the core values of this leading Dutch bank. Its own buildings have to meet high demands, and Rabobank activates its real estate clients to take steps towards greener buildings. hello energy provides actionable insights to change behavior.
This market leader in sustainability logistics facilities works with hello energy to provide a portfolio-level overview and visualises its energy and sustainability achievements. Prologis also co-develops new features with the people behind hello energy.
This investment company has sustainability in its genes. Bouwinvest ranks high when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Together with hello energy, they visualise energy and sustainability in their buildings.
As a market leader in property consultancy, CBRE dares to take responsibility for sustainability. Choosing PropTech like hello energy lowers their environmental impact and helps contribute to a better future.

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