Stibbe – Fostering sustainability engagement in the legal sector

Stibbe, a leading international law firm with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg and London, has recognized the growing importance of sustainability and aims to become a frontrunner in the legal sector. With a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and fostering a culture of sustainability, Stibbe seeks to engage its workforce and stakeholders actively. 

hello energy partnered with Stibbe to empower their sustainability programme and create a more sustainable and engaged workplace. 

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Embracing sustainability and engaging stakeholders

When sustainability became a crucial focus for Stibbe, they wanted their workforce to embrace and actively contribute to the firm’s mission. Stibbe wants to create a culture in which sustainability is ingrained. They needed a solution to foster awareness, engagement and a sense of responsibility among employees and visitors. 

They sought a software provider that provides engaging energy insights, encourage reduced consumption and visualise energy usage to foster sustainability engagement.

Empowering sustainability engagement

hello energy partnered with Stibbe to deliver an initial engagement package that included their advanced software, customised narrowcasting in Stibbe’s corporate identity and data connections to utility meters. This comprehensive solution enabled Stibbe to leverage hello energy‘s technology to provide engaging energy insights and empower their sustainability initiatives.

Creating awareness and engagement

The implementation of hello energy at Stibbe has created a significant impact on sustainability awareness and stakeholder engagement: 

Creating consciousness and stimulating reduced consumption: Visitors and tenants entering Stibbe’s building are captivated by the stunning lobby featuring interactive screens displaying engaging energy insights powered by hello energy. These insights raise awareness about energy consumption and encourage tenants to actively reduce their own energy usage, contributing to Stibbe’s sustainability goals. 

Engaging content and sustainability metrics: hello energy‘s software provides daily engaging content and insights on various devices, including sustainability metrics, real-time weather updates and public transport information. By visualising energy usage, users up to date their impact on sustainability and feel actively engaged in Stibbe’s sustainability efforts. 

Improved stakeholder satisfaction: Building stakeholders, including employees and visitors, are pleased with the product and service provided by hello energy. Their satisfaction is further shown by their participation in our Challenges pilot, which enhances engagement and encourages fun involvement in sustainable practices. 

Benefits for the building’s stakeholders

The adoption of hello energy at Stibbe has resulted in several benefits for the building’s stakeholders:

Enhanced engagement and sustainability culture

The software solution has successfully engaged employees and visitors, fostering a culture of sustainability and inspiring active participation in Stibbe's sustainability programme.

Customised branding and communication

With hello energy's narrowcasting in Stibbe's corporate identity, the firm can effectively communicate its sustainability messages and showcase its commitment to stakeholders, reinforcing their brand image.

Real-time data and insights

hello energy's data connections to utility meters provide real-time energy consumption data and valuable insights. This enables Stibbe to identify areas for improvement, make informed decisions and optimise energy usage to reduce carbon emissions.

Because of hello energy, we have the possibility to showcase to our colleagues our green efforts by uploading digestible utility data onto our screen in the main entrance. It is especially helpful since it translates the raw, technical data into information that anyone in the building can understand and relate to in an easy way.

Herbert Bergman, Stibbe Facilities Coordinator

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