How do I engage all stakeholders and create a community around ESG?

Activate a dialogue around sustainability, share best practices and performance insights and inspire your building users to reduce their environmental impact. Our fun and interactive behavioural challenges encourage participation and build a community of green ambassadors, driving real carbon and energy savings. 
Where can you do this? We offer a digital community space or can connect hello energy to screens in your building (need one? We’ve got you covered!). 

Build impactful engagement with key stakeholders

Engage your building users on a daily basis with actionable insights, sustainability content, stories and exciting challenges. Share your results with the world and motivate others to join your mission. 

How do we get conversations started?

Start a conversation with all of your stakeholders. hello energy creates dialogue around sustainability with everyone involved in your building operations, with features like our hello energy community and survey functionality. 

Give benefits, reap rewards

Wow your audience with features like smart mobility, sustainability content and rich building performance insights displayed around your building – and reap the benefits with unique certification credits! 

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