Unlock the power of rich sustainability data

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your building’s performance through data-driven insights. Harness the wealth of sustainability data at your fingertips to benchmark your property against industry standards.  

We collect data – including building sustainability data – from various sources such as tenant surveys, energy meters and sensors. This approach allows us to provide you with a detailed overview of your building’s performance. 

Make informed decisions for a greener property

With hello energy, you can make sense of what’s happening in your building and take the right actions towards a greener property. Our powerful insights enable you and your building users to identify areas for improvement, uncover hidden opportunities and maximise the value of your sustainability measures. 

Easy-to-understand data visualisation

Our user-friendly platform presents data in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. Through intuitive data visualisations, you can quickly grasp the key metrics and trends that matter most and track progress towards your sustainability goals effortlessly. 

Benchmark, report
and build your sustainability narrative

Benchmark your building’s sustainability performance against similar properties. Our reporting features enable you to generate comprehensive reports that highlight your achievements and progress. Use these reports as motivational tools to drive action and involve others in your sustainability efforts. 

Showcase your efforts, progress and achievements. Share your story with stakeholders, tenants and the wider community, inspiring others to join your sustainability movement. 

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