A tale of two propositions: hello energy’s evolving solutions

The key to unlocking sustainable real estate? Data. hello energy’s been at the forefront for years, empowering companies with the information they need. Now, we’re taking things a step further. Our new Data Coverage and Sustainability Engagement solutions help you make sense of it all, turning raw numbers into actionable insights that engage your tenants and enable you to meet certification requirements. It’s time to build a greener future together.


Two solutions, one goal

These two solutions address different stages of your sustainability journey, but both work together to help you achieve net-zero goals.

  1. Data Coverage 📂
    This is the foundation. Throughout Europe, we collect, validate, and organise your building energy data. You gain data for your reporting and certifications, instant insights into consumption patterns and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Sustainability Engagement 🤝🏼
    This solution builds upon data. It takes your data and transforms it into clear visuals and actionable initiatives. Motivate your tenants to participate in sustainability efforts.


Tailored modular design

Every building portfolio is unique, which is why we offer a modular approach. Within each solution (Data Coverage & Sustainability Engagement), you can choose the specific modules that fit your needs and goals. Here’s a breakdown of the modules:

  1. Data Management 📂
    We help you with collecting your utility data for your European portfolio – from electricity, gas, heat, water, PV, EV to indoor climate. You can use our API to extract this data to other software tools or you just export the data. Our data dashboard lets you keep an eye on the quality and availability of your data.
  2. Insights 📂 🤝🏼
    Translate data into knowledge with our insights module. With graphs and infographics you will get the opportunity to really get a better understanding of your building’s performance.
  3. Advanced insights 📂 🤝🏼
    Sometimes you want to dive deeper into your data. Explore, for instance, how well you use your solar energy, or check to make sure you’re not using excessive energy during holidays. We will also add CO2 to your dashboard so you can learn more about the sustainability of your building.
  4. Inspire 🤝🏼
    Inspire your tenants with our articles, tips or fun facts. Give them access to hello energy to let them learn more about your building and how sustainable it is.
  5. Activate 🤝🏼
    Do you really want to start the conversation around sustainability in your buildings? Our activate module contains a social feature, sustainability challenges and a carpool app to really engage everyone in your building.


Whether you’re starting your sustainability journey or are ready to elevate your impact, hello energy offers the tools to achieve your net-zero goals. Don’t wait to make an impact. Get in touch with us via the button below.

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