Unlocking ESG data: The power of smart metering with hello energy 

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Going further in the journey towards sustainability means embracing a transformative approach to metering systems. Beyond just data collection itself, upgrading old systems is the physical path to efficient data management. In this arena, hello energy presents a comprehensive solution that offers new possibilities for data collection, translating raw data into strategic insights. With a seamless integration with modern metering systems, and the help to get you set up, hello energy guides users through their sustainability evolution. Read on to learn exactly why changing to smart metering is a big win, and how hello energy helps.


Why smart metering instead of analog metres?

The main difference between smart metres and traditional, analog metres lies in communication capabilities. Smart metres, equipped with integrated 3G/4G communication modules, enable remote data transmission at regular intervals. They also serve as key components of smart grid systems, adding transparency to the electricity grid.

Smart metres also offer a huge leap in granularity and immediacy. Traditional metres allow only for manual readings (someone actually has to be present to read them) at set intervals, providing limited insights. In contrast, smart metres provide real-time or near real-time data, with intervals as precise as 15 minutes. As a result, with a tool like hello energy that connects directly with your smart metres, you can get accurate energy insights instantly (and displayed on a user-friendly dashboard, too). This wealth and timing of data allows for detailed analyses, revealing patterns and trends that are very important for energy efficiency strategies – granting those who opt for smart metering an advantage over their competitors!


Streamlining data management

Upgrading to smart metres isn’t just about collecting more data; it’s about upgrading your data management abilities altogether. Traditionally, reporting for ESG certificates like GRESB or national regulations involved tedious manual collection from invoices. With smart metres, data is digitally collected and stored, removing the need for labour-intensive invoice collection and preparation for reporting. By making the effort to upgrade your technical metering infrastructure, you set yourself up for major savings on energy, costs and time, both in the short and long term.


How hello energy helps

You now know the benefits of smart metering, but where do you start? With hello energy, we not only provide you with detailed insights into your building or portfolio’s sustainability performance; we help you get set up from the start. hello energy begins with a comprehensive overview of existing metres in your building(s). By collecting information through photos and invoices, we audit the metre’s intelligence status and the responsible operating company. If a metre isn’t smart, our team collaborates with the company to facilitate the replacement process.

In instances where replacement is not feasible, hello energy explores alternatives like data loggers. While different from smart metres, data loggers efficiently capture consumption indirectly by photographing analog metre readings and then communicating the data directly. No matter what building you have, or where, hello energy is ready to assist you on your journey to smart data collection.

The transition from analog to smart metres is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic move towards a sustainable and efficient future. With hello energy as your partner, this experience becomes seamless, unlocking the full potential of smart metering technology and positioning your organisation at the forefront of ESG excellence.


Ready to transform your energy management? Contact us today to kick off your smart data journey!

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