Transforming real estate: Unlocking the benefits of sustainability with hello energy

In today’s world, building resilient and sustainable real estate is a necessity. At hello energy, we offer comprehensive ESG engagement and full data coverage to support your journey towards decarbonising your buildings. From residential properties to offices and logistics, there’s no building we can’t transform. Together, let’s accelerate your net-zero journey and make a positive impact on the planet.

In this blog, we explore the key benefits hello energy offers towards those who want to kick off their sustainability efforts on the right foot – with everyone involved.

Benefit 1: Deliver value to real estate owners and investors

As the leading ESG engagement tool for fund managers, portfolio managers and asset managers in real estate, hello energy helps you respond to growing stakeholder pressure to meet sustainability goals. By leveraging our platform, you can deliver value to real estate owners and investors while aligning with sustainable objectives.

Benefit 2: Improve your tenant experience and facilitate a green community

Sustainability engagement is the winning strategy for improving tenant satisfaction, achieving carbon and energy savings, reducing operational costs and increasing asset value. With hello energy, you can spark positive behaviour and facilitate a community of building heroes, creating an exceptional tenant experience while promoting green initiatives.

Benefit 3: Score higher on certifications and fulfil compliances

Stay ahead of the game with certifications such as GRESB, BREEAM, WELL and other key industry standards. With hello energy, you can communicate your environmental impact, obtain unique credits and transform your building into a hub of environmental and human well-being. Boost your reputation and differentiate yourself as a leader in sustainable real estate.

Benefit 4: Deliver energy and carbon savings

Did you know that approximately 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in real estate come from operations alone? Working together with hello energy, you can reduce operational emissions, make smarter, data-driven green investments and boost your building’s performance. Achieve significant energy and carbon savings, contributing to a greener future for everyone in your property and beyond.

Join the sustainability movement with hello energy and unlock the full potential of your real estate. Build resilience, deliver greater value and create a positive impact on the planet. Contact us now to learn more about how hello energy can help you achieve your sustainability goals and transform your portfolio. Together, we can shape a brighter and greener future.

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