All hands on deck: how to create a community around sustainability

From global climate politics down to a single building, sustainability can often become a blame game – no one wants to take responsibility for the problem. As a real estate sector, we can make a choice; do we come together with everyone pitching in, or do we simply point the finger?

At hello energy we think investing and participating in sustainability is an incredible opportunity not just to solve the industry’s most pertinent problem, but to bring stakeholders together in a win-win atmosphere. We simply can’t save the world by ourselves! 

So, the question becomes clear: how can we make the most out of sustainability to simultaneously create a thriving community in each and every one of our buildings? We believe it starts with dialogue, inspiration and fun.

Dialogue: One of the most incredible human achievements is language. Through language we have been able to construct diverse civilisations across the globe; and that is no different down to the individual property. By talking with one another about sustainability, we can create shared goals to strive for that benefit everyone – including the planet at large. Sustainability takes effort, and when talking to your tenants about your initiatives, let them know that you need them. Providing them with goals, tips, information and building data is the first step to building common ground.

Inspiration: What’s in it for me? What do I get for changing my behaviour? These are the questions tenants want answers to. By understanding the values of the tenant and linking them to your building management’s goals, you can inspire them to do better with concrete objectives. Blow your tenants away by showcasing the benefits of going green – whether it’s saving on energy costs, enhancing brand imagery and much more. Create a compelling story about your building and why it’s on a mission to save the planet.

Make it fun: Yes, it’s true – getting to net-zero can not only be expensive, but also requires hard work. That’s why you need to make a unique experience that everyone can enjoy. Providing challenges to your tenants, such as gamifying sustainability, is a great way to get everyone on board. At hello energy, we have launched a variety of features to engage tenants in diverse ways that make going green a process that tenants want to be a part of. Check out what we’ve got in store!

Starting with these three core focus areas will form the bedrock of a sustainability engagement programme that ends in a thriving eco-community inside your building. Want to learn more about how hello energy is pushing the frontier of community-building? Join our Sustainability Challenges!

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