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Copenhagen’s Maersk Tower: A blueprint for responsible building

Since 2017, Copenhagen’s skyline features a stunning sight: the Maersk Tower. 

It’s an extension of Panum, the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Within this 75 metres tall structure, technology and environmental responsibility perfectly co-exist. From its insulating rooftop gardens, clever energy recycling program to rainwater harvesting system: the Maersk Tower is an inspiring blueprint for tomorrow’s architecture.

Teamwork, dreamwork

The Maersk Tower owes its existence to – amongst many others – the team effort of the following key players:

  • C.F. Møller Architects, known for their innovative designs, brought the tower to life with their sustainable and practical blueprints.
  • Rambøll, engineering experts, ensured the building’s technical systems and structure were solid.
  • SLA crafted the stunning campus park surrounding the tower.
  • The Danish Building and Property Agency oversaw the project on behalf of the Danish government.
  • Funding came from two main sources: a generous donation from the A.P. Møller Foundation, supporting science and education, and a special grant from the Danish Parliament.

A rooftop oasis

The absolute highlight of the Maersk Tower is certainly the rooftop gardens. The greenery doesn’t only provide a beautiful break from the urban environment, but also contributes to the building’s eco-friendliness. The rooftop gardens help insulate the building, further reducing energy consumption, and could even create a habitat for pollinators.

Reuse and reduce

The Maersk Tower is a prime example of architecture with sustainability as a core principle.
It efficiently recycles its own heat, capturing waste heat and repurposing it elsewhere. But the Maersk Tower’s green efforts don’t stop there. It has a rainwater harvesting system, collecting rainwater for use throughout the building. Even the building’s facade has a purpose, naturally regulating its temperature, reducing energy consumption even more.

📸 credits: Adam Mørk

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