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Council House 2 | Melbourne, Australia

Council House 2

Throwback to the creation of one of Melbourne’s greenest buildings – a true masterpiece born from collaboration and innovation 🌿🏢

Designed in partnership with the City of Melbourne, Council House 2 (CH2) is a holistic system where occupants actively participate in a symbiotic relationship with the city and nature. Completed back in 2006, this mixed-use structure by DesignInc Melbourne and Mick Pearce stands as a testament to groundbreaking sustainable architecture.

CH2 is not just a trendsetter; it’s the trailblazer, having been Australia’s first new commercial office building to earn a remarkable 6 Star Green Star design rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. The collaboration between Mick Pearce, Hansen Yuncken, DesignInc and other key stakeholders brought to life the City of Melbourne’s Zero Net Emissions by 2020 Strategy in the form of CH2, setting a new standard for green technology worldwide.

This iconic building is more than its impressive rating; it’s an active participant in its occupants’ well-being. CH2 provides 100% fresh air, circulating every half hour, contributing not only to health but also to significant energy cost savings. From recycled concrete to timber windows, sewer mining to co-generating with natural gas, CH2 incorporates a symphony of green technologies. Shower towers, phase change material, wind turbines, solar hot water heating and photovoltaics are just a glimpse of the sustainability orchestra within its walls.

CH2 is all about creating a healthier indoor workplace. Responding to the sun and wind, it optimises natural light, ensuring a clean and toxin-free environment. With 100% filtered outside air and a plant ratio of one per person, CH2 pioneers advanced technologies that reduce power consumption by 80% and water consumption by 75%.

“More than a building, CH2 is a working ecosystem. We collaborated closely with the City of Melbourne to create something we believe is truly remarkable,” said Stephen Webb, Design Director at DesignInc Melbourne.

Remarkable indeed! Hats off to the special individuals, teams and organisations involved in this special project; a true inspiration to the Australian (and global) built environment.

Council House 2

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