hello energy’s modular approach A how-to-guide

Sustainability in real estate is a win-win. You save carbon and reduce your environmental impact. But where to start? hello energy offers not one but two simple solutions that are designed to cater to a wide variety of companies and requirements: Data Coverage and Sustainability Engagement. To top it off, pick and choose from our five modules to further tailor your solution to best reach your goals. Discover your ideal profile in the how-to-guide below.


Find your fit

For the full picture
Looking for the essential insights in your building portfolio’s energy performance? Knowledge is power. We provide a comprehensive understanding of your energy usage across all buildings to set you up.

  • Best Solution: Data Coverage.
  • Ideal for: Companies that are looking for the full picture on their portfolio’s energy usage, companies who are obligated to obtain data by law, or those looking to obtain sustainability certificates/increase their GRESB score.
  • Suitable modules to add: Data Management, Insights and Advanced Insights.

For the activators
Looking to activate your building’s tenants to better reach your sustainability goals? Motivate them with our clear data visualisations, gamification and actionable initiatives for better participation and, ultimately, success.

  • Best Solution: Sustainability Engagement.
  • Ideal for: Companies that desire to engage their building’s tenants to better reach their sustainability goals.
  • Suitable modules to add: Inspire and Activate.


Remember it’s a journey

Start simple with Data Management, then add modules as your goals evolve. Mixing and matching is possible. hello energy empowers you to customise your sustainability path, building a greener future, together. Not sure where to start or how to approach it? Not to worry. Get in touch with us via the button below.

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June 19, 2024

Data-powered sustainability engagement: W. P. Carey case update

W.P. Carey (REIT) teamed up with hello energy to green their European buildings. Smart data and engaged tenants are driving progress towards sustainability leadership.

June 12, 2024

One click to green: hello energy simplifies EU utility data for real estate

Simplify complex EU utility data with hello energy. Streamline compliance & collection across 20+ countries. Unlock clean data for smarter sustainability & happy investors.

May 16, 2024

The value of quality data

Say goodbye to fragmented sustainability data. High-quality information is the key to unlocking valuable certifications, attracting eco-conscious tenants, and future-proofing your portfolio. Hello energy seamlessly connects to meters, analyses data against industry standards, and delivers actionable insights.

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