3 sustainable real estate trends in 2024 – and how to meet them with hello energy 

As we continue into 2024, sustainable real estate is poised for big, transformative trends that will  continue to shape the industry’s landscape. According to PwC, occupiers and investors alike are highly prioritising buildings that align with the latest working practices and long-term sustainability goals. Here’s a glimpse of the three key green real estate trends that will define the year ahead:


1) Green certifications: tomorrow’s buildings today

Green building standards and certifications are taking centre stage, with developers embracing environmentally friendly criteria like BREEAM, GRESB and WELL. These certifications not only enhance property value but also contribute to a reduced environmental footprint, promoting resource efficiency and improving energy performance. With hello energy, you score unique credits on these and other labels with our comprehensive engagement package on areas like tenant engagement and community, smart mobility, health and well-being and much more.


2) ESG reporting: navigating the transparency wave

ESG reporting has become the cornerstone of the real estate sector, with companies facing increasing pressure to disclose comprehensive metrics—ranging from energy consumption to social impact. Transparency is the key to attracting investors aligned with ESG principles. hello energy helps by simplifying the complex process of data collection. The platform empowers real estate owners to streamline key data such as energy usage, water consumption and other utilities, facilitating compliance with regulatory frameworks like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).


3) Technology: shaping the future of operations

Technology is rapidly boosting the efficiency and sustainability of real estate operations. From smart building technologies to energy management systems and data analytics, the integration of tech allows property owners to monitor and optimise energy consumption, reduce waste and enhance operational efficiency. With a keen eye on these tech trends, hello energy is continuously adding unique features to its innovative software to provide enhanced functionalities for all of our users. Along with its core energy management capabilities, the tool offers features for engagement like the hello energy community, carpool app, as well as connectivity to narrowcasting providers to increase engagement, where we co-create beautiful playlists within hello energy to share your progress and get the conversation going with all building users.



hello energy’s trail of impact – a glimpse into tomorrow

hello energy has partnered with like-minded organisations to create positive impact in the past, and we look to build upon that success this year. Take our project in Portugal, where hello energy’s expertise was pivotal in the transformation of a landmark office building. By integrating cutting-edge technology, the platform optimised operations, reduced carbon footprint, and earned the property coveted BREEAM-in-use and WELL certifications. Across other European sites, hello energy has proven to be the ideal sustainability tool for large real estate owners looking to capitalise on energy savings and tenant engagement. The platform’s user-friendly interface streamlines data collection, helping organisations comply with regulatory frameworks like the CSRD seamlessly.

As occupiers and investors increasingly focus on sustainability, it’s time to likewise focus on the important trends that are setting the tone for the real estate industry (and the planet!). Transparency, efficiency and sustainability are no longer aspirations, but achievable realities that you need to have in your arsenal to succeed in 2024.

Thrive this year with us and navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable real estate with confidence! Not familiar with hello energy yet? Click the button below to get in touch.

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