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Massachusetts Institute of Technology | MIT.nano

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT.nano

We’ve all heard of MIT and its outstanding innovations; sustainability is also at the forefront of their efforts! 🌱

MIT.nano is one of the largest investments to research in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s history. This award-winning building is home to an amalgam of world-class laboratories, including class 100 and 1,000 cleanrooms, imaging suites, nano-makerspace, and chemistry teaching laboratories. The research space allows and advances the work of many academic groups ranging from a wide variety of disciplines. The core imaging facility contains some of the most precise microscopes that require very low vibration, acoustic and electromagnetic interference 🔬

The design team set out to achieve top-of-the-line performance across three major green building categories. First was to design to optimise safety and occupant well-being; second, provide for a high level of flexibility and resilience; and finally, establish state-of-the-art practices for energy-efficient, high-performance cleanroom design.

Achieving LEED Platinum certification meant applying these approaches in an integrated way with a focus on factors like community engagement, water conservation and stormwater management along with wellness and safety of all users. Due to the intensive energy use inherent in experimental laboratory spaces with up to 260 air changes/hour, a major focus was on reducing energy consumption ⚡

Through the reuse of an existing brownfield building site, MIT.nano revitalised a major precinct in the center of the campus – thus transforming what was previously a service yard into an accessible and beautiful landscape that features public art. By investing in a shared core facility, MIT eliminated duplication of expensive equipment and processes across the campus while maximising collaboration and engagement across disciplines.

A vivid example of what happens when industry stakeholders join forces to create something truly impressive. Hats off to the #buildingheroes involved! 

HGA Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Inc BR+A Consulting Engineers AM Technical Solutions, Inc Cleanroom Construction Associates Jensen Hughes Victoria Mohar Acentech Kleinfelder Haley & Aldrich Hallam-ICS LeMessurier New England Lab Pressley Associates Landscape Architects (CDC) Curtainwall Design and Consulting, Inc. Turner Construction Company U.S. Green Building Council Cris Copley Abbie Gregg

📸: The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 

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