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VALO Hotel & Work | Helsinki, Finland

Oftentimes hotel and office spaces remain empty or unused. This Finnish hotel dares to reimagine the the way we work with an innovative and sustainable hybrid concept! 💡

VALO Hotel & Work, completed in 2020 and located in Helsinki, combines hotel and office into one space – helping to save time, energy and hassle as one of the world’s first true dual use buildings 🏨

Featuring 422 rooms, flexible workspaces, event and meeting areas as well as high quality restaurants, the #buildingheroes of VALO aimed to create a hybrid model that would minimise energy waste while maximising well-being and convenience. As Minna Hurme, Head of Design at SSA Group put it:

“We wanted to create a third option for work besides office and home. We also wanted to make it possible to sleep and work at the same place without having to spend time commuting.”

Awarded the Green Key certification, VALO makes use of a smart lighting system, locally produced and durable wooden furniture with a miminal carbon footprint, sustainable packaging and a dedicated team working on engaging its guests in more sustainable forms of tourism 🌱

What a project!

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