Imagine a building that contributes positively to human health and wellbeing. A building that minimises its impact on the environment, while maximising sustainability, now and in the future. With hello energy, everyone can learn about your building’s many innovative features and is actively involved in reducing its carbon footprint every day. 

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It's not a dream

It’s not a dream; we’re taking that vision and turning it into reality. It begins with connecting to your tenants and visitors, getting a better understanding of how your building performs and ends with the ability to make informed decisions and drive change in any building, anywhere.


One of the biggest challenges of our time is to make really impactful changes towards a more sustainable built environment. hello energy shows that economic growth and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. With our product, you’ll find out that being smart with energy isn’t only logical, but it also saves you money and makes the world a bit better.

And that’s not all.

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Our values

Our 5 key values are: sharing responsibility, high quality and performance, celebrating, mutual respect and being flexible but efficient (optimising, testing and standardising where needed). We encourage feedback, dialogue and fun in our team, and we place high importance on a growth mindset and applying innovative (agile) product frameworks, such as ‘Winning by design’, and ‘Hooked’. Our platform is live in more than 10 countries on 650+ building locations and we’re just getting started.

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Our team consists of 15 ambitious and sociable people, who each bring their unique skills and talents to the table, but all with a clear mission to make positive environmental impact in real estate. Do you want to join us?

And that’s not all.