How do I build an environmentally conscious commercial or residential real estate?

Install hello energy and let all building users interact with sustainability. We can offer interactive (touch) screens throughout the building, sustainability content branded in your own corporate identity, connection to (sub)meters and sensors, actual smart meters, sensor placement and challenges for everyone to join.

Convert your building users into building heroes - activate them and engage them with tangible goals and impact

By establishing structured dialogue with tenants and stakeholders, you can turn passive participants into an active and involved community around sustainability. 

Design your goals and build all-round ESG impact with us

We help you align your goals and create more common ground with stakeholders to collaborate more effectively on a successful decarbonisation strategy.

Buildings alone cannot be cutting edge, people’s behaviours need to be ahead of the curve

Become a leading voice in sustainable real estate by sharing inspiring content and challenges with everyone that interacts with your building. Create a behavioural revolution! 

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