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Sustainable real estate solutions

Say hello to improved building performance

Finding sustainable real estate solutions is a key consideration for both tenants and investors when it comes to commercial property. For investors, sustainability means reduced risk, cost savings and an enhanced market appeal, future-proofing portfolios. For tenants, the drive towards becoming net-zero is greatly helped by a property that supports their ESG goals.

A shared vision

Becoming more sustainable presents challenges to the real estate sector. It involves meeting regulatory and environmental obligations and maintaining the value of your assets through innovation. Information is key to making a sustainable change, from sourcing insights and making informed decisions to connecting with your tenants to better understand their needs. Gathering together the sustainability information of your building, requesting feedback and engaging with stakeholders empowers you to move towards a net-zero future with purpose.

Delivering business benefits

hello energy’s sustainable real estate solutions provide insights that will help you minimize your building’s impact on the environment, create a healthy interior environment for tenants, and meet sustainability accreditation. Our SaaS solution helps you collect data, track improvements and create behavioural change. With hello energy, you are able to:

  • Connect with your stakeholders
  • Benchmark your building performance
  • Save energy and reduce costs
  • Make informed decisions based on data-driven insights
  • Simplify data reporting
  • Better create and share sustainability content

Five ways to make a difference

Prioritise sustainable development

Real estate contributes up to 70% of carbon emissions in urban areas and 40% of global carbon emissions. Hello energy helps you advance your net-zero agenda and support the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) responsibilities of both your building and your tenants.

Boost investor value

Using hello energy’s solutions helps keep your building competitive. Not only do you reduce operating costs and return greater profits, you can ensure your building is always in demand with responsible businesses looking to meet their own ESG goals.

Earn credits for certifications

In-depth monitoring and support from hello energy ensure you keep up with the ever-changing landscape of sustainable building requirements. With information at your fingertips and processes in place you can confidently score credits towards key certifications such as WELL, BREEAM and GRESB.

Boost building performance

Lowering carbon emissions requires consistent monitoring the benchmark your sustainability and make improvements. With hello energy, you can manage your entire portfolio and energy data sources all in one place. And simple reporting helps you better communicate improvements to stakeholders.

Make data-informed decisions

From energy and water to waste and any other data that can have an impact on your sustainability, the best way to lead change is through informed decision-making. Collect all the data you need, whether from single tenants or multi-tenant buildings, and start improving performance.

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Make change communicate change

Investing now in sustainable real estate solutions saves money in the long term. You future-proof your buildings, increase their value and reduce risk. As a responsible business, you also support others to become more sustainable and create a more holistic, positive space for tenants.

Becoming energy-positive helps you create common ground with all stakeholders and build engagement, creating a community that changes behaviours. As a business, you also need to be able to clearly communicate the positive changes you are making and the impact they have on the environment. At hello energy, we help you gather that information, tell those stories and show the value you are providing.

One key way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability is to work towards official certifications. They are instantly recognisable and provide value to stakeholders whether that is third-party partners, tenants, guests or community.


GRESB is the leading ESG benchmark for real estate assets and is used to assess a company’s ESG performance. We help you earn credits for your GRESB certification by collecting, analysing, and visualising your energy data. We’ll help you to improve your ESG score up to 8.1 points higher on your GRESB real estate assessment.  


BREEAM is the world’s oldest sustainability certification and is a useful tool to assess a building’s influence on the world around it. The certification recognizes the value in higher-performing assets across the building life cycle, from new construction to refurbishment. We can help you to score higher in your BREEAM building assessment by providing insight into your energy usage and by showing dynamic travel information. In total, we can help you score 24 points out of 1069, and we may be able to help you score even more with our engagement features and air quality monitoring.  


The WELL building standard is the world’s leading certification on well-being. WELL explores space design, operations, and behaviors that can be optimized for health and well-being. We can measure, rate, and visualize your building’s performance to allow you to meet WELL’s certification requirements and even score up to 5 points for optimizations. Find out how we can help you improve your building’s performance and meet sustainability standards.

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Take up the challenge​

Implementing sustainable real estate solutions that work for both the environment and your business can seem overwhelming. But it begins with data, monitoring your current energy usage, gathering together information and benchmarking where you are now so that you can introduce changes.

It also involves getting stakeholders involved too, only as a community can we make serious, long-lasting change. With hello energy, we work to bring all these elements together, so you are best placed to develop a strategy and make an impact.