Building heroes

BudaPart Gate | Budapest, Hungary

Hungary for some positive climate content? Budapest is bringing its A-game with this #buildinghero 🇭🇺

With the official release of the IPCC‘s 6th Assessment report, the call for serious climate action is more dire than ever before. We want to put the spotlight on the #heroes who are answering this call. Look no further than BudaPart Gate, a super sustainable LEED Gold certified office building by Property Market Real Estate Development & its contributing partners!

Thanks to the design efforts of Studio’100 Architects headed by Laszlo Szasz, the office is highly popular with its tenants due to its excellent location, comfort, green spaces, views & eco-friendly solutions. What else makes BudaPart Gate so special? For starters:

⚡ Energy-efficient mechanical solutions, a highly energy-efficient facade structure, energy-saving light fit-outs as well as water-saving irrigation & equipment.

♻️ EV charging ports, electricity usage measurement tools & a high proportion of built-in materials with significant recycled content.

The results? BudaPart Gate has achieved:

✅ 77% of construction waste diverted from landfill
✅ 28% in recycled content value of total built-in materials
✅ Projected energy consumption 28% lower than LEED baseline
✅ Projected water consumption 44% lower than LEED baseline
✅ 100% of interior construction used low-emitting paints, coatings, adhesives & sealants.

Shoutout to the impact makers!


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