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Prologis is driven by the vision of creating state-of-the-art sustainable buildings. With increasing pressure from investors and governments to prioritise sustainability, Prologis recognized the need for clear insights into building performance and engaging tenants in sustainable practices. 

hello energy partnered with Prologis to empower their sustainability initiatives and drive engagement among tenants. 

Sustainable buildings and tenant engagement

Prologis faced the challenge of aligning their extensive portfolio of 4,000 buildings with their commitment to sustainable business practices. They needed a solution that could actively involve their customers in sustainability efforts and demonstrate their focus on achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Prologis sought a software provider that could provide clear insights into building performance and engage tenants in sustainable practices. 

Enabling sustainable building management

hello energy collaborated with Prologis to deliver an initial engagement package that included our software, touchscreens or dashboards and data connections to utility meters. This comprehensive solution enabled Prologis to collect and display energy consumption data for their buildings, empowering them to monitor and optimise performance effectively.

Advancing sustainable practices and tenant engagement

The implementation of hello energy at Prologis created a significant impact on sustainable practices and tenant engagement: 

Enhancing sustainability dialogue

hello energy's highly visual and immediate information display promotes a proactive dialogue about sustainable practices and outcomes. This engaging platform enables Prologis to communicate their sustainability initiatives effectively and involve tenants in the journey toward net-zero carbon emissions.

Clear insights into building performance

The software provides Prologis with clear and comprehensive insights into building performance across their portfolio. This data-driven approach enables them to identify areas for improvement, optimise energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

Tenant engagement and empowerment

With hello energy's touchscreens or dashboards, Prologis empowers tenants to actively participate in sustainability efforts. Tenants gain visibility into their energy consumption and can make informed decisions to reduce their environmental footprint.

Project highlights

The collaboration between Prologis and hello energy encompasses a vast portfolio of 4,000 buildings. The initial engagement package was implemented in a pilot project comprising 10 buildings. Currently, hello energy‘s solution has been deployed in 164 buildings and continues to expand. 

By implementing hello energy‘s software and providing clear insights into building performance, Prologis has engaged tenants, advanced sustainable practices and demonstrated their commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. With a growing portfolio of buildings equipped with our solution, Prologis is well-positioned to set new standards for sustainable building management and lead the way in environmentally conscious industrial real estate.

The tool gives us the opportunity to communicate our sustainable ambition in an informative and attractive manner. Via a landing page, our customers have easy access to real-time energy data. Using this software also strengthens our ambition as a front runner in innovation.

Arthur van Kooij, Prologis Head of Project Management Northern Europe

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