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How to engage tenants on sustainability: a sneak peak

Success as a real estate owner in today’s industry is contingent upon your ability to meet – and even better, exceed – tough sustainability requirements and ambitions. In this blog, In this blog, we'll get you started by discussing why you absolutely should make tenant engagement a key component of your ESG agenda in order to reach your net-zero carbon goals

The tenant sustainability engagement playbook

What springs a building to life? Without its tenants, a property is simply a dead asset. However, their daily activities in it have an impact on our precious natural environment – and thus on your building’s sustainability ambitions. How can you collaborate with them to manage this impact, and blossom a truly net-zero carbon building?

People in property

At their most essential level, buildings serve the key function to house and protect their occupants. But that’s not all they do. Buildings tell a story and are an extension of our (company) values. How can offices best reflect human values and create a healthy place for both wellbeing and productivity?