Cut building carbon emissions with a solid ESG strategy

How to reduce carbon emissions from buildings energy management software

Why is energy management important?

The World Green Building Council is leading the mission to achieve net-zero real estate. The group has set the ambitious goal of ensuring that every building achieves net-zero by 2050. This means that strong property management now includes having a solid ESG strategy in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Three reasons to implement an ESG strategy

Once you’ve adapted your building’s power supply to include renewable energy, you need to implement a robust ESG strategy to monitor your building’s performance. This will allow you to see what’s working and where operations need tweaking to align with industry ESG benchmarks. Here’s why you should implement an ESG strategy:


  1. Reduce operating costs. When switching to renewable energy, monitoring it will give data insights that can be used to make decisions to keep your energy and costs down.
  2. Return greater profits. Data insights will make your company more responsible while at the same time providing investor value by future-proofing your building and improving tenant experience.
  3. Support tenants and companies in their ESG goals. Utilize data and share insights to engage your tenants and key stakeholders in their ESG goals.


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Reduce energy consumption with our energy management system

Using hello energy’s renewable energy management system can help you to reduce your building’s energy consumption by up to 40% and cut your carbon footprint by 30%. We provide data services, indoor climate services, and screen services. Our software enables you to monitor all of your building’s energy sources in one place, so you can easily track combined energy use from different sources in real-time. These data insights will help you to spot problem areas while enabling you to work towards solutions.

How we help you implement a comprehensive ESG strategy

Reduce your building’s carbon emissions and earn points towards GRESB certification by implementing an ESG strategy with hello energy’s renewable energy management system. Here’s how:

Benchmarking industry standards

Hello energy’s building energy management software gives you access to carbon emission benchmarks around the world and even in specific regions or industries. Using these benchmarks allows you to compare your building’s energy efficiency with sustainable real estate leaders and pinpoint areas you need to focus on to meet net-zero.  

Monitoring energy consumption

Using hello energy’s renewable energy management system lets you monitor your combined energy consumption from different sources, giving an overview of your entire building to easily identify problem areas and  work towards sustainable solutions.  

Act on real-time results

Follow power consumption from various sources in real-time on any device thanks to hello energy’s sensors and integrated energy management system. You’ll receive insights and tips to help you measure and adapt as you go.   Showcase your building’s energy consumption in real-time on visual displays with hello energy’s software. Display your sustainability results  in a simple visual and user-friendly format to engage your tenants and stakeholders and encourage them to take action.

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How to reduce carbon emissions from buildings

An ESG strategy comprises the three R’s: retrofitting, renewables, and responsible management.


Switching to renewable energy lowers your building’s energy consumption costs but finding the most cost-effective solution needs industry expertise to implement a solution that best fits your building and business needs.



Reducing operational costs and improving environmental performance by installing eco and energy-saving solutions such as insulation, triple-glazing, and interactive meter readings.


Responsible management

Building owners and real estate investors must continually monitor and seek reductions in carbon emissions and encourage tenants to take the same care. This can be done through implementing operation policies. Only through ongoing commitment can you find other energy-saving solutions.


Lead the way towards eco-friendly commercial buildings

Using hello energy’s renewable energy management solution will help you to reduce your building’s carbon emissions and earn you points towards that all important GRESB certification. By having all your energy sources displayed in one place, it’s easier to see where you can improve and reduce your energy consumption so that you can start leading the way to net zero emissions.


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