Install the water datalogger yourself

This page describes the installation of your water data logger, provided by hello energy, for any water meter.

Before you continue make sure the location is well prepared:

  • a power socket
  • sufficient data signal

Not sure if you’re well prepared? Please contact hello energy.

Getting started

You have received a package from us.

The box consists of:

  • a data logger (including a power plug and a power cable)
  • a data reader, an elastic band, and an extra rubber nozzle
  • velcro bands and tie wraps
  • a label

Make sure to plan your installation in the morning. Smartvatten will be available to help you install the water logger. Smartvatten customer support is available until 1 PM (GMT+1) (working days only).

Installing the device

The data logger needs to be placed on top of the water meter. The data reader connects and makes sure the collected data will be sent out of the building.


  • Plug in the data reader, using the velcro band to secure it. Secure the reader to a tube or other object. It’s important that the reader has a fixed location and cannot be moved by others. Leave the QR-code accessible.
  • Install the data logger on top of the water meter. If the meter is covered, use the provided rubber piece for a better fit. Use the elastic band to secure the data logger. See inside the box for extra guidance. Make sure the placement is tight enough.
  • Connect the data logger with the data reader via the jack connection. In case the reader is far away from the logger, there is an additional 2m power cable provided.
  • Use velcro and tie wraps to tidy up any loose cables.

Questions? The Smartvatten customer support is available at +358 20 741 4020 until 1PM (GMT+1) during working days.

Done! What’s next?

The last step is to check whether the installation was done correctly and the data is coming in.

  • Send us a message to let us know that the installation is done. We will check and get back to you whether the installation was done correctly.
  • You can use the QR-code on the device to have a look yourself whether the installation was done correctly.

That was easy 🙂

Thank you for your help! The installation is done now and we expect to have your water data in place within a few days.

Any questions? Get in touch with Smartvatten customer support (+358 20 741 4020) directly. Or contact hello energy at +31 88 436 7400.


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