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Capitalize on tenant engagement
with energy management solutions

Generating awareness and engagement among commercial building tenants to meet net-zero targets

Are your tennants aware and engaged with your efforts to comply with 2050 net-zero targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in commercial buildings?

Most tennants will be keen to know what you’re doing about keeping energy costs down because they’ll benefit from cost savings too. By generating awareness of your net-zero goals with energy management solutions, you’ll elicit their engagement and enlist them as loyal recruits in your campaign for sustainable oprations.


Build collaboration with tenants

Create an ESG (environmental, social, governance) strategy in collaboration with your tenants to improve your building’s sustainability performance. Making impactful change needs to be a team effort. Engage your tenants and make changes that benefit your property and business and your tenants too.

Your success depends on all aspects of energy efficiency, including building design, management, systems, and occupant behaviour.

Tenants are increasingly concerned about sustainability issues and the ability to make sustainable upgrades when they lease a building. They’re starting to push landlords and are keen to collaborate on environmental projects. It’s therefore key to be aligned with your tenants to ensure you are working towards the same sustainability goals to improve your building’s performance.

Business benefits for sustainability

Sustainability brings business benefits to you as a building. By upgrading your sustainability credentials, your building will become a more appealing investment for a future buyer or tenant:

How sustainable commercial building managers benefit from ESG:

  • Entice tenants with cost-efficient options and an attractive indoor environment
  • Attract investors with added value
  • Earn credits for certifications such as GRESB, WELL, and BREEAM
  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility to the community

How to start collaborating

Decide on what kind of collaboration you would like with your tenants. There are four different levels of engagement that you can approach: inform, involve, collaborate, and lead.

Although the most simple way may be to install an energy monitoring portal to keep tenants informed, the information flow is only one way, so it’s not the most engaging strategy.

The best way to build long-standing relations with your tenants is to lead with ideas and information. This way, all key stakeholders can play an important role in the building’s sustainability by holding regular dialogues.

A way of leading could be to offer educational training to your tenants covering sustainability strategies and addressing and listening to any concerns they may have.


Putting a plan in place

Following a process will ensure that the changes you talk about with your tenants are taken up by everyone involved.

Plan and prepare

Start with benchmarking and analysing your energy usage so you can see where you are. Partnering with hello energy will help you to benchmark your building portfolio performance to industry standards.


To implement changes and improve your energy efficiency you might switch energy providers, add triple glazing, or switch to renewable energy. Our hello energy team will help you and your tenants with sustainability policies to encourage collaboration to improve the building’s sustainability.

Review and improve

Regularly monitor and review and make changes to improve your building performance. Use hello energy’s energy management software to get actionable data insights based on your building’s performance, so you can always analyse and improve.

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Inspire action and allegiance

By reporting on your building’s performance, you can share your sustainability progress, inspire tenants to take action, keep them informed, and give them valuable details that they can use to inspire employees and their own customers to act more sustainably.

How hello energy boosts tenant engagement

Collaboration is at the heart of hello energy, and our software was created with the idea that it’s the best way to make long-lasting changes:

  • hello energy is available for web, mobile, and mail with an intuitive layout that fits any device
  • Share your progress, kick off conversations, and increase engagement with hello energy’s playlists connected to narrowcasting providers in your building
  • Get better data coverage of your building by enabling data authorisation from your tenants
  • Spark conversation about sustainability with tenants and key stakeholders by inviting them to access the hello energy platform


How green is your building?

Sustainability is important for the planet and for climate legislation compliance, plus it brings far reaching business benefits. If you haven’t yet taken steps, it can begin with monitoring and seeing how your building is performing at the moment. Once you have some initial data, making decisions about your building’s future is much easier.

As you collect data, collaboration is key to improving your building performance. You can then share your results with tenants to keep them informed and up-to-date on their own ESG strategy.