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Introducing Carbon Insights and Energy Flows to hello energy!

It is time for another hello energy update! We already help our users by sharing insights about energy usage and the performance of their building. Over the last sunny summer weeks, we have been busy creating some new energy insights updates.

With our upcoming product upgrade, we will update Carbon Insights and Energy flows to our tool.

Carbon Insights

Learning more about the energy consumption of a building is really important. It helps you understand how your building is progressing towards goals like Paris Proof, or to your own ambitions.

But when we are talking about sustainability ambitions and goals, we also have to include carbon! That is why we worked on a brand new carbon impact section in our product. So, what can you learn from our carbon insights?

  • Your YTD, Month, Week or even real-time carbon footprint
  • Your carbon footprint trend – are you improving or not?
  • The impact of your carbon footprint – how does it compare to the carbon storage of a forest, for example?

Energy flows

You’ve invested in green assets for your building. Your solar panels are generating energy, your battery is storing a surplus and you have a brand new electric vehicle charging grid to give your building users the opportunity to charge their EV’s.

But how do all these energy flows relate? Is the generated energy of the solar panels flowing to the building, back to the power grid or to the EV grid or your battery? What percentage of your energy consumption comes from your own sources?

This is what we show with our brand new energy flows widget. Learn how your building’s energy mix looks on a yearly, monthly, weekly or real-time basis. Using narrowcasting? Show off the impact of your sustainability investment to your building users by using the new energy flows slide for narrowcasting.

And more is coming!

This awesome new update will be available for customers at the end of August. More interesting insights are coming soon! Not a customer yet? Get in touch and see how we can help you with new energy insights and abilities to share them with others.

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