Engage, align and succeed on sustainability

Opportunities to boost your building’s performance are missed when there isn’t alignment between stakeholders. Invite landlord, property managers, building users and others to participate in surveys and polls to see where everyone stands on sustainability. 

Connect and collect with your stakeholders

Gather information from building users, tenants and your broader audience and make sense of their beliefs by asking the right questions. Get on the same page about green ambitions and map out improvements on technical measures, policies, behaviour and communication. 

Closing the gap, widening your impact 

Gain insights into your building’s sustainability performance, align and engage your building’s stakeholders and design your first steps towards a sustainability roadmap, all in just a few clicks. 

Chart a green course, together

Reach out to your stakeholders and establish an active dialogue and plan around sustainability. Ask targeted questions, learn from the results and orient your sustainability initiatives towards success. 

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