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Powerhouse Kjørbo | Sandvika, Norway

Powerhouse Kjørbo, Norway

Introducing Powerhouse Kjørbo – the architectural marvel just outside Oslo that’s rewriting the sustainability playbook! 🏢✨

Formerly two ’80s office blocks, this powerhouse has undergone a sophisticated transformation led by brilliant, hard working people. This cutting-edge space isn’t just a building; it’s the first energy-positive Powerhouse in Norway. That’s right – it produces more energy than it consumes, thanks to innovative features like solar panels generating a robust 41kWh/m2 annually, paired with natural ventilation, insulation and energy-efficient lighting.

The impressive 90% reduction in energy consumption earned Powerhouse Kjørbo an outstanding BREEAM-NOR rating. The collaborative design phase was crucial, yielding ingenious solutions like a dual-function staircase serving both ascent and ventilation.

Beyond energy efficiency, sustainability permeates every aspect of this powerhouse – from meticulous material selection meeting the highest environmental standards to a low embedded energy ethos. But it doesn’t stop there; surplus energy, a substantial 21 kWh per square metre, powers not only the building but neighbouring structures and even a Uno-X hydrogen station.

Powerhouse Kjørbo is more than just a building; it’s a national and international sensation, showcasing the viability and profitability of energy-positive renovations. The holistic approach encompassing architecture, energy efficiency, materials, embodied energy, and technical systems is the secret sauce that makes Powerhouse Kjørbo a true masterpiece by the #buildingheroes who put it together.

Shoutout to the amazing teams and people behind this very special project – a group of individuals and organisations dedicated to making the world a greener place!

Powerhouse Kjørbo, Norway

📸: Leikny Havik Skjærseth

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