Sustainability meets engagement

The time has come for real estate to deliver on sustainability. Are you ready to kick off or accelerate your net-zero journey? Simply put, you can’t do it alone. hello energy helps you involve all of your stakeholders in sustainability; whether it’s tenants, asset managers, property managers and all the people inside your building. 

Roughly 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in real estate comes from operations alone.

hello energy is the leading SaaS platform giving you and your stakeholders actionable insights, benchmarks, challenges, surveys and a wide range of other tools to influence how your buildings are used and spark positive behavioural change.  This is all possible with a variety of features: 

Data-driven insights

Get a detailed overview of how your building is performing, powered by rich sustainability data. Use insights to benchmark your building against industry standards.

Sustainability challenges

Turn your building users into a community of building heroes with monthly challenges, nudging them to make big impact with small steps.

hello community

Start a conversation with your stakeholders and appoint eco-ambassadors. Inspire everyone on sustainability and get feedback on your ambitions.

Inspiring content (multi-device)

Inspire your tenants and building users and create maximum awareness with engaging sustainability content, tips and data-driven insights around your building by sending it to screens, web and mobile.

Get smart with mobility

Reduce scope 3 emissions and encourage your building users to go the extra mile with green options like public transport and car sharing.

Sustainability events

Enjoy a space that will allow you to promote events (internal or external) around sustainability.

Polls and surveys

Get on the same page with tenants and other stakeholders on sustainability ambitions, and find out where you can improve on sustainability together with features like the sustainability radar survey and polling functionalities.

Green tips and fun facts

Share unique facts about your building and tips about sustainability, health and wellbeing to engage all building users even further.

Real estate needs leadership more than ever on climate change. Become an example for others to follow on ESG by creating real impact, facilitate a sustainability culture in your buildings and display your green efforts to the world. With hello energy, you drive change in any property, anywhere.


The time is now for sustainable real estate. Imagine a building that prioritises human health and well-being, minimises its impact on the environment while maximising sustainability for generations to come.

This vision cannot be achieved alone. We need collaboration between building owners, property managers, tenants and everyone inside each and every building. Together we can make more informed decisions and drive positive change towards a more sustainable future.

Let’s act now and connect with one another to create buildings that not only benefit us today, but also leave a lasting legacy for future generations. The time for sustainable real estate is here, and it requires all of us to join forces and make a difference. 

The 5 benefits of hello energy

Engage your audience with actionable insights

It’s what is needed to activate everyone in sustainability.

Improve your investor value & tenant happiness

Become the player that tenants & investors want to work with. Don’t be late to the party.

Score on certifications & exceed legislation

Get ahead and stay ahead of the game with GRESB, BREEAM, WELL and more.

Achieve real carbon & energy savings

Work together to reduce your operational emissions and improve your processes.

Unlock the power of data

Incentivise tenants to share their data and get full 100% data coverage.

Why engagement?

Sustainability engagement is the winning strategy for your ESG programme. By establishing structured dialogue with tenants and stakeholders, you can turn passive participants into an active and involved community around sustainability. Sharing actionable insights will empower your stakeholders to lower the environmental impact of real estate and contribute to your ESG goals. The benefits? Improved tenant satisfaction, carbon and energy savings, reduced operational costs and increased asset value. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders, and hello energy is here to get you there. 

  • We help you align your goals and create more common ground with stakeholders to collaborate more effectively on a successful decarbonisation strategy.  
  • Become a leading voice and player in sustainable real estate by sharing fun and inspiring content with everyone that interacts with your building. Create a behavioural revolution! 
  • Let your ambitions be known and involve your stakeholders. People want to feel like they are part of a bigger mission. 

How does it work?

hello energy is the ultimate tool for maximising the value of your sustainability measures and showcasing your efforts. Our easy-to-understand data visualisation will reveal new insights and help you spot opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking and reporting features will motivate you to take action and involve others in contributing to sustainability.

With hello energy, you can build your sustainability narrative in just a few minutes and share it where everyone can see it. There’s no more time to waste; let’s transform real estate, now and for the future! 


… all your stakeholders to sustainability goals

Start a conversation with all of your stakeholders. hello energy creates dialogue around sustainability with everyone involved in your building operations. Features like our hello energy community keep the conversation going, help people get on the same page and learn what steps to take next. Our survey functionality allows you to form a new line of communication in which feedback takes centre stage. All of these tools help you facilitate a community of building heroes that boost the performance of your property. 


… all kinds of data to gain actionable insights

We help you make sense of what happens in your building by collecting sustainability building data, info from tenant surveys as well as energy meters and sensors. Equipped with a detailed overview of your performance, you and your building users can take the right actions towards a greener property.  


… everyone for a greener building with insights, stories and challenges

Real change begins with education, inspiration and collaboration. Informing stakeholders on sustainability and making change manageable, simple and fun gives you and your stakeholders a sense of control and purpose.  

Engage your building users on a daily basis with actionable insights, sustainability content, stories and exciting challenges. Share your results with the world and motivate others to join your mission. Provide everyone a space to share best practices, report on progress and motivate one another to go further than ever. Get a better understanding of your consumption, benchmark your performance against the industry standards and collect from multiple real-time data sources to enrich your building awareness and reduce its carbon footprint. Turn the ‘G’ in ESG into a form of transparent, participatory governance, where everyone knows what is going on and can be a part of a real change-making process.