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Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) | Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong’s first zero carbon building is a masterful illustration of Asia’s efforts to secure the future! 🌱

The Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) was developed by the Construction Industry Council in collaboration with the Hong Kong SAR Government, designed to be an education, exhibition and information centre to promote green proptech and environmental information. Situated in

Kowloon East, the site of a government initiative to create a new business district, the building gives the public an opportunity to experience seven zones featuring the most cutting-edge eco-home and eco-office technologies and designs, both indoors and outdoors.

Overall, the ZCB has been fitted out with over 90+ innovative environmental features. This has helped it score a BEAM Plus Platinum rating, the highest rating for excellence in building environmental performance in Hong Kong; moreover, it was awarded the Grand Award (New Building) in the Green Building Awards 2012 🏆

ZCB extends beyond the traditional definition of zero carbon. It is hooked to the local grid and generates on-site renewable energy due to its use of photovoltaic panels and a biodiesel tri-generation system – the first in Hong Kong. This system uses waste cooking oil to produce energy, thus solving waste treatment and energy production all in one go. Excess power is then sent out to the local grid to compensate for the embodied energy of the building’s construction process and materials.

The ZCB also features the city’s first urban native woodland, featuring up to 220 native trees comprising over 40 species and a further variety of unique shrubs. The woodland creates a diverse ecosystem enmeshed in a built-up area to benefit both the local environment and people 🌳

These #buildingheroes are dedicating themselves to fighting the good fight!

Construction Industry Council / Arup / Vincent Cheng / Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) / Ronald Lu & Partners / Andy Leung / Alistair Leung / Gammon Construction Limited / Percy Chan / CIC-Zero Carbon Park / Anthony Yin Chung Chan / Josiah Pok Man Ma / Currie & Brown / Sweett Group (part of Currie & Brown) / AECOM / Alexander M Duggie / URBIS Limited

📸 : Ronald Lu & Partners

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