Tenants taking centre stage

Case Study NSI

NSI N.V. is a Dutch listed commercial property investor with flexible real estate solutions in modern, healthy and sustainable office buildings in prime locations. The portfolio consists of 51 buildings with a value of 1.3 billion euros. In the coming years, the transformation to a more service-oriented offering will be central, especially for the HNK formula. hello energy helps NSI to connect with tenants by focusing on sustainability.

The challenge

NSI believes that the key to an efficient portfolio is that buildings add value, can adapt to customer needs and make a positive contribution to their environment. Tenants demand freedom, accessibility and consider sustainability an increasingly important topic. NSI wants to strengthen its communication with tenants and diversify its sustainable initiatives. NSI also focuses on the transformation of its multi-tenant buildings according to the ‘SPaaS’ (spaces as a service) model. All aspects of the building are included: the design, customer experience, operations, hospitality and sales.

“Our primary goal is to create environments where people and organizations can get the best out of themselves. hello energy helps us to involve our tenants in a continuous dialogue.”

Robert Sparreboom

Robert Sparreboom

The solution

NSI is in close contact with its tenants to obtain valuable input that can be used to arrive at the best possible solution. One of the main tenant needs is the desire to attract talent and create a pleasant company culture. Talent increasingly looks for the complete package, including insights into a company’s impact on the environment.

hello energy is a software product that enables NSI to connect insights with sustainable building measures that can be communicated with tenants through:

Involving tenants in sustainability

Initiatives with daily tips and information on their building, including information on bee hives, solar panels and other projects that NSI undertakes to promote biodiversity.

Promoting health, well-being and sustainability in the building

For example, with a sensor that measures the number of people inside the building at any given time.

“The need for ‘the office’ of organizations is constantly changing and it is up to us to anticipate this. The office is still the place to keep a company culture alive and promote collaboration. Simultaneously, we notice a growing demand for flexibility by organizations, enabled by digitization and smart technological solutions. HNK’s multi-access locations fit in perfectly with this development and digital solutions. Narrow casting for example enables us to get directly in touch with our tenants.”

Robert Sparreboom

Robert Sparreboom

The results

hello energy helps NSI convey information about its sustainability initiatives to tenants. All tenants have been approached to gain access to hello energy and many make frequent use of it. hello energy gives tenants insights into their building’s sustainability performance but also displays how they can contribute to it themselves. The screens in the lobbies of NSI buildings further contribute to this by also involving employees and visitors.

All tenants of 42 NSI buildings have their own login

Real-time data about the building is collected and displayed

Action-oriented content is shown daily in all buildings (lobbies and receptions) to both tenants and visitors

NSI can measure or compare the performance of the portfolio with similar buildings via our benchmark feature

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