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How to make buildings more sustainable

Say hello to an eco-friendly and cost-effective property

Focusing on building sustainability isn’t just a commitment to the planet; it also makes business sense. A plan to reduce your carbon footprint is essential in today’s market, and sustainable buildings attract investors, tenants and businesses and foster exciting partnerships. You can better support your communities and tenants, keep operational costs down, boost profitability and future-proof your business.

The value of an ESG strategy

ESG strategy can be hugely beneficial – for the planet, tenants, and your business’s profitability.

Developing an ESG strategy can reduce your building’s energy consumption by up to 40%, cut your carbon footprint by more than 30%, and improve the quality of your property’s indoor environment, increasing tenants’ general comfort and satisfaction.

Moreover, with increasingly severe weather conditions crippling the globe, building resilience is a top priority for many stakeholders, with environmentally friendly properties offering low risk and long-term performance.

Focusing on green property management will also add value to your business, reduce operating costs, and return greater profits while supporting tenants and companies in their ESG goals.

Aiming for net-zero real estate

Net-zero real estate is achievable. It is a mission being led by the World Green Building Council, which has set the ambitious goal to ensure every building achieves net-zero by 2050.   Currently, the real estate and construction sector is responsible for 40% of a building’s final energy use and carbon emissions, highlighting that property owners must make significant improvements and adopt a clear ESG strategy. The key areas to concentrate on are referred to as the three Rs’.


Renewables are an effective and affordable solution to reduce carbon emissions. Switching to renewable energy sources can have a big impact in a short space of time and there is a huge variety of offerings in the market, ensuring you can choose the solution that best suits your building and business.


Since 80% of the building stock in 2050 is already built, sustainable retrofitting is key to achieving net-zero by 2050. This can involve everything from installing solar panels to introducing triple-glazing and interactive meter readings. These involve an initial outlay but can result in a dramatic drop in operating costs.

Responsible management

Real estate investors must be fiercely committed to improving their buildings’ environmental performance and encouraging tenants to take the same care. An ESG strategy is about more than one-off changes, only through ongoing monitoring and communication can you find other energy-saving solutions.

How to take the first steps

When it comes to the environment, every little does count. You don’t have to start your journey to net-zero real estate by retrofitting an entire property. Instead, start monitoring your progress and having meaningful conversations with stakeholders, tenants, and construction workers about the importance of maintaining a sustainable home or building.

At hello energy, we are here to help you get started and will accompany you on your journey to net-zero.

Start conversations

Communicate with tenants and stakeholders to work out where you need to improve together to take steps towards net-zero. Do they already have a strong ESG strategy? Are there ways you can support them in becoming more sustainable?

Assess performance

On a practical level, it all starts with knowing what your carbon footprint is in the first place. Only once you have that calculated, you can benchmark your building’s performance against current industry standards.

Save energy

Sustainability is an ongoing strategy. Gain access to a wealth of tips and tricks you can use to save energy and manage greener properties. Making constant, small changes can have a huge effect overall.

Browse the data

With knowledge, you can make informed decisions that really work and avoid wasted ideas and funds. Source actionable, data-driven insights based on your building’s performance and specifications.

Report the facts

Reporting data the right way makes it easier to manage, analyse and share. Create reports that really tell the story of your building and its sustainable trajectory. This is invaluable when preparing for building certifications.

Share your message

Share sustainable content with your tenants and visitors to showcase the progress you are making, to start conversations and show the added value you are bringing to the market. This is key to future growth.

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See the change, tell your story

By tracking your sustainability progress and presenting it in real-time, you can gain quick insights into what you’re doing well and what you need to improve, making it easier to share your progress and boost your building’s value.

Real-time data

Get real-time data from utilities using our network of data providers across Europe. This will help you get the data you need for data coverage and certification purposes, so you can start monitoring possible savings and assessing your performance.

Optimal indoor climates

Get a complete package of indoor climate sensors, installation, and a dashboard and playlists containing insight and vital communication on all health and well-being items. This is essential to creating healthy, happy buildings with optimal climates.

Full-service solutions

Showcase your sustainability achievements across Europe with a package of touch screens, media players, installation, a content management system, monitoring, guarantee, and maintenance.

Gain industry-standard certifications

The three main industry-standard certifications for ESG compliance are GRESB, BREEAM, and WELL. These certifications are vital to achieving net-zero real estate by 2050 and prove your dedication to sustainability and creating a greener future. They are globally recognised symbols of excellence, holding real estate companies accountable for their carbon emissions.


GRESB is the ESG benchmark that measures your overall performance. You will be given a score out of 100 based on your ESG compliance and the higher it is, the more desirable you’ll be to potential investors.


BREEAM is an assessment that focuses more on the construction and development of a building. It will assess the overall design of your property, the procurement of materials, and the overall operations once it has been built. You will then be given a score based on a range of different targets.


The WELL certification is an optional energy rating but is attractive to investors. It uses a rating system to measure and monitor different aspects of the property to ensure it is working towards reducing its carbon footprint and keeping any residents safe throughout the year.

Create a greener future

Achieving net-zero real estate goes beyond paying lip service to sustainability. It is a responsibility we have to our planet and when managed effectively can also bring significant business benefits. The sustainability question is fast becoming a key factor in risk assessment and future-proofing.

From harnessing data to benchmarking performance through to engaging tenants and working with innovative partners who can present alternative solutions, you have the power to drive your building towards net-zero. Looking for the right partner? At hello energy, we combine big ideas, advanced technology and a collaborative approach to making buildings more sustainable.

Are you ready to start developing an ESG strategy and creating a sustainable building?