A roadmap for success

hello energy is the leading solution for real estate owners to create energy-positive buildings. It allows you to visually communicate your building’s achievements in energy reduction and sustainability and engage and align your stakeholders.

1. Connect

All your stakeholders to sustainable goals

First, let’s talk and create common ground with all stakeholders involved. hello energy starts by explaining sustainability to all those involved in your building operations. Features like our ‘quizzes’ and ‘Sustainability Radar’ keep the conversation going, help people get on the same page, and learn what steps to take. Surveying allows you to form a new line of communication in which feedback takes centre stage. All of these features help you build towards a community of impact makers that drive the performance of your building.

2. Collect

All kinds of data to gain actionable insights

We help you make sense of what happens in your building by collecting sustainability building data, info from tenant surveys and energy meters & sensors. Providing these insights and comparisons grants you the knowledge which you and your stakeholders can then act upon.

3. Engage

Everyone for a greener building with insights, stories and challenges.

Sharing knowledge helps with informing and educating stakeholders on sustainability. Making change manageable, simple and fun gives you and your stakeholders a sense of control and purpose. hello energy provides tips and tricks to engage your users with actionable insights and engages them on a daily basis with content, stories and challenges.

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hello energy supports real impact makers with user-friendly solution, beautiful design, and the coolest content. Show your guests, employees, and tenants the exact extent of your energy and sustainability ambitions on high-end devices. Get our solution up and running within just a few weeks. Contact us with your wishes.

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